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What is Couple Rings?

We all know about the engagement ring. But what is the latest trend among couples that are known as "promise rings"? The promise ring is an expression of love, commitment and bond prior to the wedding ceremony. It is possible to think that this rings has the same significance as a wedding ring.

Some couples aren't ready to go through "the real thing" or don't have the desire to label the relationship. Many couples are compelled to make promises to each other and show that they are more than just a couple on a date. With a promise ring, there is no obligation to get married.

Why do these rings have such a huge following?

"We love spending time with each other but we don't have the desire to get married."

You'll hear this phrase frequently, as it is being quoted more often. According to CBS the number of couples are getting married. This is evident for those who are younger than 50. People in their mid-20s say that they would like to get married one day. CBS reports that this is most likely to happen when it is time to confirm a relationship, or if there are children in the home or if the couple is looking to have children.

The number of couples who are who are eligible for a promise band has increased as a result.

What are the main differences between the promise ring and the engagement ring?

Both rings are symbol of love and commitment. However there are some distinctions that are both minor and major. A promise ring is presented to signify a promise, while an engagement ring is intended for a couple to be married. The promise could have different meanings, based on what's being promised.

Other characteristics of a promise band are;

Rings are typically smaller and less opulent.

The ring finger isn't the usual location to wear them.

Silver, 9k or 14k gold is used in place of 18k or platinum.

Set with smaller stones

The overall design of the rings is more important than the stone in the center.

The Most Popular Promise Ring

There are a variety of designs for these rings. You can pick a contemporary one with multiple bands that are stacked, or a vintage one with colored stones or a ring that is that is engraved with a letter. There are no set rules for choosing a promise ring. Every person is different and therefore the price or the choice of ring will also differ.

The most well-known jewelry item around the world is the eternity ring. It's also referred to as memoire ring or an infinity ring. The ring is composed of stones of the same size, and set in a similar manner. This creates a harmonious appearance and creates the illusion that there is an endless line that never stops. When you are putting together an eternity ring, there are many choices. You can choose to set the stones half way or all the way around. You can also pick the stones you prefer and the color they will be.

Promise ring for men too?

Men can also make promises. These rings differ from the ones given to women. They are typically more durable, similar to the Rolex or a signet ring. These rings are more spacious to engrave. Some engravings include a pet's name or a promise or a symbol, a fingerprint, or even an image.


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